Thursday, May 7, 2009

Designer Top

Fabric painting is one of the fun things which anybody can do and make your own Design and makes it a Designer wear.One of them i have done here is a Top which was too plain and dull to wear, so I gave it a dashing look.Its so simple and doesnot take much time to do, only time needed for it is to dry .These fabric paints are available in tubes and are so easy to use and is completely mess free, no need of paint brushes or water.

I have used some glitter paints to give a sparkling effect, but normal paints are also available which can be used.Before making anything see to it that the fabric is washed once and you have a design in hand either to trace or copy.Here i have done some free style paint, simple but elegant.Hope you all give it a try and enjoy this easy to make designs.


  1. Wow .... new way to turn those dull clothing to something dazzling . Is it machine washable?

  2. yes most of them can be machine washed.