Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crochet Boys Sweater

Here is one of my other crochet works I did for my son. It's a Baby blue colored which looks very sober and cool on any dark colored shirt.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Newspaper Gift Bag

Good morning all ! Here is an other repurposing project. It's one of simpler and repurposing your old news paper. I love the idea of using the old Newspaper instead of a new paper, as we are recycling and repurposing the paper. It's a very simple project  and doesn't take much time and can be done in desirable size. Here I have made a small 5' size bag. I found this  in a blog and loved it .

Pick a thick paper or 2 sheets of paper so it's sturdy enough to carry the gift inside. Even magazine sheets works well too, or you can mix and match with one sheet Newspaper and one of magazine paper.

Cut out a rectangle that's 15.5" wide and 8.25" tall. If your paper has a fold already then align it with one of the folds  we need to do unless you dont mind to have a fold somewhere else on the bag. Cut the paper and align the one which needs to be outside the bag.

Fold a flap which is 1.25" down from the top.Fold a 2"  Flap from the top so the bag is 4.5" wide and 3" wide on the sides and 0.5" in the end so you get to close the bag and attach it.

Cut 2 pieces of cardboard which is 4.25"x1" and stick them on top of widest side so the bag so it stays stiff. Now stick the 0.5" to the otherside and get the shape of the bag. Now fold the ends down and stick it with a glue stick . Now u have a shape of the bag , cut a 4x2.5" cardboard and stick it to the bottom so it stands where u keep it. Punch some holes on the top and insert the lace/ thread as a handle. Wallah the bag is ready. Wasn't that easy!

After doing this project I realized I didn't take step-by-step photos to help u all more. So from my next project u will see step wise photos . So have fun and get making this now.

Monday, December 31, 2012

DIY Cinnamon Candle

Did you ever wanted to fix a quick gift to someone which u missed out or came to know few minutes before the party? Then this is an easy and quick gift for anyone. You will only need few items to get it started and takes less then 15 mins to get it wrapped. This is one of the gifts I did for my son's Christmas gift to his art teacher.

Things you need:
 A candle
10-15 cinnamon sticks
Hot glue gun
Color tape

Get started:

First cut the cinnamon sticks to the size of the candle with a flower stem scissors. Then glue each cinnamon stick to the candle with curl facing front. Just continue till the candle is completely covered. Tie a colored tape around and Wahlah! The cinnamon candle is ready.

You can do variations with colored candles and even scented candles. Anyone who loves candles would definitely love it. It's a wonderful gift for a neighbor or a friend.

Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY : Magazine Holder

I was in search  of some good magazine holders as I have lot of magazine subscription and I don't want to throw any of them away. Especially the magazines like " Parenting" or " Family Fun", which doesn't get old and has lot of fun crafts or tips to share, but was surprised to see the prices for it and thought how about I do something at home. Then came this idea of repurposing the cereal boxes. It was simple and a fun afternoon project.

The things u need is 
cereal box
Gift wrapping paper or scrapbook paper
Ruler or measuring tape

First cut the top opening of the box and keep all the sides open. Now on the width side of the box mark a diagonal line leaving 5 inches from the bottom on both the sides of the box. Cut through the line and even out all the edges. Now glue the gift paper on the box and let it dry for couple of hours. Tag them Wahlah! the magazine holder is ready to use.

Note: I have given the box a little shape on the top but diagonal works well as its east to glue the paper and it looks well aswell. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hi all....I am back!

Hey all my Blog friends, it's been a while I blogged. I have been doing quite a few projects but haven't got a chance to post them as my 1 yr old princess had kept my hands all tied up. Now I hope will be able to blog more. I very happy to be back blogging and hope to make some more new friends here and know more about you and your hobbies and visit you all often.

I am planning to post one project a week so hopefully it will keep us in loop. Will post every Week and try n keep that going until unless something isn't working. Happy Blogging!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring scarf (Free Pattern)

This is one if the easiest and simple scarf i have made. Its so easy and quick that its a perfect one for a beginner. Its one of the nice accessories and goes well with T-shirts aswell.This can be done with any leftover yarn too.
Hook Size I
Ch 143.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across – 142 sc at the end of this row.
Row 2: Ch 2 (counts as dc here and throughout), turn, 2 dc in first sc, *dc in next sc, 2 dc in next sc; rep from * across to last sc, dc in last sc – 214 dc at the end of this row.
Row 3: Ch 2, turn, 2 dc in first dc, *dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc; rep from * across to last dc, dc in last dc – 322 dc at the end of this row.
Row 4: Ch 2, 2 dc in first dc, *dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc; rep from * across – 431 dc at end of this row. Fasten off.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

15 amazing uses of a Hair Dryer

Handheld hair dryers were introduced for the domestic market in 1920, and since then countless hairdos have relied on that combination of heat and air to achieve their coiffed perfection.
But the humble blow dryer has plenty of other services to offer around the house -- here are a handful of them:
  1. If you need to quickly set the icing on a cake, the air and heat of a hair dryer can quicken up the process.
  2. If your cake won’t unstick from the cake pan, use your hair dryer on the bottom of the pan then invert it, it should drop right out.
  3. Running an ice cream scoop under hot water helps, but you can also try using a hair dryer on the carton to soften ice cream for easy scooping.
  4. Some people use pots of boiling water to quicken freezer defrosting, but a hot hair dryer works even more quickly. (Be careful of puddles of water and the dryer, though.)
  5. Automatic ice-makers can get jammed with frozen ice; relieve that with a long blast of hot air to melt unwanted icebergs.
  6. Remove contact paper from shelves by heating it with the hair dryer and gently working the edges up. Also works for bumper stickers and other rogue sticky things.
  7. Use a hair dryer to dust hard-to-dust items; the air will blow the dust somewhere else, but hopefully somewhere else that is easier to dust.
  8. Personally, I like my kids’ crayon marks on my walls, but for the rest of you: Heat the crayon marks until softened, then scrub with hot water and detergent.
  9. Old photo albums with magnetic pages can get stuck -- unstick them with a blast from the hair dryer.
  10. Spot-iron wrinkles by lightly dampening the area and then heating the wrinkles with your dryer.
  11. Wet boots, shoes, and sneakers can take on a terrible odor if left to dry slowly -- alleviate that by drying them with your hair dryer.
  12. Winter can bring frozen windows and locks -- thaw them with a hair dryer.
  13. Window screens collecting dust and pollen? Blow it back to whence it came.
  14. Removing bandages can hurt more than the wound, so soften the adhesive with a hair dryer first to ease the rip.
  15. If you have trouble keeping a hot compress hot, keep your hair dryer by you and reheat as necessary.
Bonus: For wrinkled ribbons and fabric belts, employ a curling iron to straighten them out.
This is just a start, do you use your hair dryer in any surprising ways? Leave a comment...