Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crochet Puff Stich black Scarf

This is a pretty cool scarf which i loved the first time i saw it and was the first priority on my to do list forgetting all my other projects. I did wanted to finish before this winter begins. As u all have observed by now that i do crochet by following a YouTube video, which makes me learn and finish my project faster than learning from a book. This one also is from a YouTube video and I am a big fan of the lady by name Teresa, who makes wonderful designs and makes videos that any beginner can do and finish it with full confidence and pride. Thanks Teresa for all the hard work put behind by your team.

You can find the video link here and written text here in her blog. Just follow that, i added few more rows to make it a little bigger and added few embellishments to make it fancy and i also added 3 rows of single stitch and strings/tazzles to end it. A matching hat is under process, actually wanted to put both together but 'am tied with other things now and might not be able to finish it any soon, so will post once i am done with it.

Here is the pic and video of Puff stitch hat.