Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baby Blanket Bags

What do you all do with those receiving blankets that your kid or nephew or niece used it and you don't have anyone to pass it or? Throw them or donate them? Don't! Here is a wonderful idea which you can reuse them.

I had some receiving blankets of my son and then daughter which was in a very well condition and I didn't wanted to give it to any one nor throw them awaysenti girl!).  I had been thinking to give it a use and re-purpose. Finally I found the right use for it. Simple storage bags. I was in hunt for some bags to store my silver wares( here I mean silver bowls, lamps and cups) which gets black when expose to moisture. I used to rap it up in a cotton pieces cut from an old saree but it takes quite a time to wrap it and store and I wasn't satisfied the way it used to look. So I tried to pur them in this small bags made for them and easy to store nd carry and looks so cute.

You won't believe it how less time it took for me to stitch these simple bags. I was done making 5 bags in 15 mins. Isn't that amazing, they r very durable as the receiving cloths are made for babies so the material is soft and thick at the same time. 

You can make as many bags as you want with one blanket, it mainly depends on the size of bag. I made 2 bags in one blanket and 3 in another. I put some simple string pull tape, but you can use elastic or Velcro or buttons or even a zip( some ideas for you to try). It's left to how much you wanna work on it. I kept it very simple and easy for me to put things in and remove. I sure will be trying some other way in my other blankets.


First cut the blanket to your desired size and shape, then fold the top portion on the wrong side of the fabric of one side piece and stitch in order to put the string later, repeat the same for the other side. ( we're still working on the wrong side of the fabric.Now join the sides.( I did double stich to keep it safe and strong). Note it not to join the folder string part of the fabric. Otherwise you will not be able to put the string through to pull. Now reverse the fabric the right side and add the string with a safety pin and Walah! The bag is ready.

So I hope you will give it a try and give me a feel back of how your project turned out and what was your idea and shape of the bag.happy stitching.