Monday, September 21, 2009

Edible Graduation cap

I know its been quite a long time that i posted anything here as I am busy with a new blog on Fashion Jewelry.I shall attach the link to this blog. I had promised i will be posting on a graduation cap which is edible so here it is.They are so cute that it will steal the show.Its very simple if all the ingredients are available on hand. So if you want to prepare it collect all the ingredients so it makes easy and saves some time.

(To make 1 graduation cap)
1 Banana
1 square sweet crackers(avoid salted ones)
1tbsp Chocolate chips/Hershey's kisses
3-4 Long string dry Coconut(sweetened/unsweetened)
1 Mini M&M
Cut the banana to 1 inch size.Important thing is cut it in the middle or where the banana is of equal size and should stand well. Now melt the chocolate chips in microwave for 1-2 Min's. When its melted mix it really well with a fork and dip the banana and place it on a plate.Now dip the cracker and cover it well with chocolate and place it on top of the chocolate covered banana.Now take 3 long string coconut and place it on the middle on top of the chocolate covered cracker and place one mini M&M on top freeze it for 30 Min's or till ready for the presentation.

Note: Melted chocolate thickens very fast so add a little butter when melting so it stays liquid for a little longer time